To many people the mere idea of visiting the dentist is frightening enough to prevent them from going. So mention the words “oral surgery” and they are likely to run a mile!

However, if you live in Short Hills NJ, you can have all your concerns and fears put to rest by the extensive knowledge and helpfulness of Dr. Phillip R. Geron, D.M.D, an oral surgeon known for his gentle manner and quiet expertise.

Based at the Westfield Oral Surgery practice, Dr. Geron understands that many patients are put off coming to see an oral surgeon because they are afraid. Others are concerned about the cost. The irony is, the longer you wait and delay, the more extensive, invasive and expensive the treatment you are likely to need.

What is Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery encompasses procedures such as removal of teeth (including wisdom teeth) and fitting implants. It can also involve removing diseased tissue from your mouth, repairing a cleft lip or palate, or correcting jaw problems. Visiting a careful, gentle oral surgeon can actually be life changing. Implants to replace missing teeth, for example, can instantly restore lost confidence.

Comprehensive Dental and Oral Care Treatment

Dr. Geron is a leading oral and facial surgeon who is committed to providing the best possible outcomes to all his patients. He can also help with problems you may not initially associate as being dental in nature. Snoring, teeth grinding and sleep apnea, for example, can often be alleviated or stopped simply by using a specially made sleep devices.

You owe it to yourself to smile again. Residents in the Short Hills NJ area can fill in our Online Form today, or call (908) 233-8088.