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Finding a great oral surgeon in the greater New Jersey area can be tough. Many people find the costs of oral surgery to be a bit expensive, and unfortunately opt to go without the necessary surgery until they can better afford it. Ironically, procrastination can lead to an oral dental problem that has a domino effect and creates a myriad of other problems that often requires tooth extraction. Should this occur replacement teeth, also known as dental implants, would need to be ordered. These replacement teeth actually have the power to change lives. Designed to provide a permanent alternative to missing natural teeth, they feel and function just like real teeth. People who have lost teeth can have the ability to feel confident again.

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Providing only the best oral and facial surgery Dr. Philip R. Geron of Westfield Oral Surgery Practice takes pride in assisting patients in the greater Summit, NJ, Short Hills, NJ and Cranford, NJ areas with their dental and maxillofacial needs. He is known for being knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to patient concerns. He is one of the few doctors who infuses holistic approaches with modern approaches to various dental problems.

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Common procedures may include but are not limited to finding the right sleep device to alleviate grinding, sleep apnea and snoring issues, wisdom teeth extraction, TMJ disorders, pillar procedure and a host of other procedures. Potential patients can easily per-register for a scheduled appointment online by going to the “Online Forms” tab, or by calling (908) 233-8088.

Snoring & Sleep Apnea

Snoring may be a sign of obstructive sleep apnea, a serious disorder in which the snorer stops breathing several times an hour during sleep. Snoring may be loud or relatively quiet. If snoring is quiet or minimal, apneas may not be as apparent. Very often a person suffering from apnea may not be aware of the loud snoring and breathing irregularities. The bed partner is usually the first to recognize the symptoms… [More]


Anesthetic choices are based upon personal preferences, surgical indication, and presence of various medical conditions. Consultation is always recommended to help determine the correct anesthetic choice for your procedure… [More]

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